Are you struggling to get in shape and lose weight with the keto diet? Let me coach you!

The ketogenic diet is probably one of the most efficient ways to lose extra weight. Why? Because it is sustainable.

While you could calorie restrict yourself and lose weight on any diet, keto and LCHF offer three significant benefits:

  1. You don't have to be hungry all the time. Ketosis helps to control your appetite and eliminate cravings.
  2. Your blood sugar will drop and stabilize, which reduces insulin production. Combined with a slight caloric deficit, that tells your body to turn to its fat stores for energy.
  3. You will preserve muscle tissue. After a few weeks in ketosis, your body will shift over to burning fat as its primary fuel source, meaning you can lose fat and build muscle simultaneously, also known as lean gains.

What can you expect from working with me?

While food and exercise remain top of mind for most people when it comes to getting in shape, there is a lot more to consider. The model I use consists of four equally important pillars:

  • Mind: Your goals, motivation, and ability to stay disciplined and focused.
  • Food: Energy, building blocks, and cell signaling.
  • Exercise: Functional strength training, mobility, and cardio.
  • Rest: Sleep, recovery, and stress management.

You can only make real, long-lasting progress when you address all four pillars together. That said — it's better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble back to square one.

All my coaching services begin with an initial assessment of your current situation and an evaluation of your goals.

Then, depending on the service you purchase, you will get menus, exercise plans and recurring feedback.

About me

I am Fredrik Holm, a passionate explorer of a healthy lifestyle and sustainable eating habits. With a long history of overeating and sugar addiction, the ketogenic diet indeed became a game-changer for me.

When I first stumbled upon LCHF 10 years ago, I got enough benefits from it to keep exploring it. But I had a hard time figuring out why certain things worked while others didn't, and my results varied a lot.

Research, trial and error

Since then, I have fallen off the wagon more times than I can count, but I've always gotten back up again. And for every failure and every mistake, I got another piece of the puzzle. Until it suddenly clicked and just worked.

That was five years ago, and I have continued to broaden my knowledge ever since. I discovered that keto not only works well for getting fitter; it also has cognitive benefits, like increased mental clarity and ability to focus.

The essence of fitness

I first discovered functional training back in 2007, and I got hooked right at the outset. While I have been doing weightlifting since the early nineties, this was my first experience with training that explicitly targeted and improved my snowboarding and climbing.

Up until then, in painful honesty, my primary motivation for building muscle had been to impress others. Now, it was suddenly about enabling new movement patterns, faster rehabs, and more fun on the mountain — a shift in mindset that meant a world of difference for my training motivation and discipline.

Long story short: my goal is not only to help you become healthier and fitter but also to unlock the potential that comes with a sharp mind in a functional body.

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